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At the end of each book entry is the number of copies owned by the South Central Library System. Recent browsers will display the words 'library copies: ' and the number or 'none'. If you see only the number or 'none', consider upgrading your browser; although everything else should be the same. The numbers may change over time, as new copies are acquired and existing copies are lost or damaged. Note that books which the South Central Library System does not own may be available through Interlibrary Loan at Madison Public Library ... How Do I ? And requests for purchase of books can be made at the same site. Even if you own a copy of a book not owned by the library, you can help other amateur astronomers by requesting that the title be purchased. If you have books you are no longer using, consider donating them to the library for others to use. You must have a valid library card for one of the SCLC libraries to use these and other library services. ------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
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