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I purchased this telescope used with a dead controller board.  
This board is no longer available from Celestron.  In order 
for the scope to track an AC cord is hardwired to the drive motor.  
DC battery operation no longer functions.

The Ultima 8 is a heavy duty version of the fork mounted Celestron 8.  
The OTA comes with Starbright coatings on the primary and secondary.  
The drive incorporated in this model is a very accurate Byers 359 tooth 
worm gear system with a single synchronous AC motor.  The wedge has the 
deluxe latitude adjuster installed.  The tripod is the extra heavy duty 
armored model.

Included with the Ultima 8:

      Celestron 7mm orthoscopic 1.25” eyepiece

      Celestron 30mm plossl 1.25” eyepiece

      University Optics 18mm orthoscopic 1.25” eyepiece

      Celestron visual back 1.25”

      Celestron star diagonal 1.25”

      8x50mm Right angle/Straight through Illuminated Polaris Finder with   


      Lens cap

      Bob’s knobs

      1.25” Orion variable polarizing filter

Finder scope software

      Celestron Polaris Guiding Plate

      Homemade Dew Shield

      Instruction Manual

      SkyAtlas 2000.0 second edition (black on white) with carrying case

      S&T Moon Map

This Scope Has Superb Optics!

    $600 firm, delivered

Optional Tripod Dollie available at an additional cost

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Celestron Ultima