MAS July Meeting

Teledyne Imaging: The largest camera company you have never heard of!

Chris Draves - MAS July Speaker

Teledyne Imaging’s image sensors, cameras, and imaging components have played central roles in groundbreaking projects like the Hubble Telescope, the Mars Rovers, and the James Webb Telescope. We will explore the latest industry trends in CCD and CMOS sensors, and delve into Teledyne’s extensive influence on astronomy and the space program, revolutionizing the way we observe and explore the cosmos.

Chris Draves is an accomplished professional with over 20 years of experience in the scientific camera and image sensor industry. Having worked with leading brands like Princeton Instruments, Andor Technology, Fairchild Imaging, and currently Teledyne Imaging, he has held various positions in technical sales, business development, and product management. Throughout his career, Draves has provided high-performance cameras to research labs worldwide, supporting a wide range of applications. He currently resides in Madison, WI.

This meeting will take place in-person at our usual Space Place classroom location. It will also be streamed live to our Youtube channel at