MAS April Monthly Meeting

On-Line Monthly Meeting - Members Only

MAS is back!

We’re still observing public health advisories to avoid any face to face meetings so for our April meeting, MAS is going virtual!

Friday, April 10 our own Jeff Shokler will present “Wonders of the Universe: Exploring the Night Sky Through Astrophotography.” During his presentation he will share images captured of a wide variety of astronomical objects including the Moon, planets, lunar and solar eclipses, star clusters, nebulae, galaxies, and much more. Over the course of the presentation he will take the audience on a journey from objects close to home to those found in some of the most distant reaches and earliest time periods of the universe. Learn about how such pictures are captured and produced, about how we can gain scientific insights from astrophotos, and also about the sheer beauty present in the night sky.

Jeffrey E. Shokler lives in Madison, Wisconsin where he is a university administrator currently serving as Associate Director for Advising Technology and Assessment at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has been an amateur astronomer for over three decades and an astrophotographer for five years. He is a long-time member, current Vice President, and past President of the Madison Astronomical Society.


In our first attempt at an online meeting, participation will be limited to members only. Prior to April 10, all MAS members will receive an email containing instructions on how to participate. It’s easy and requires only a few clicks to join the meeting. If your computer is able to stream video (Youtube, Netflix, etc.) you should have no trouble participating.

After the meeting has concluded, we’ll make a copy of the full video available here.

There’s no telling how long the COVID-19 lockdown may last, so this might only be the first of several virtual meetings. We hope not, but we’re trying to be ready for anything.