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  • Christa Walter  says:

    Do you have any opportunities for kids to participate in astronomy events or know of any clubs/activities in the area for middle school kids? My 12-year-old son has a growing interest in astronomy, and we want to encourage it.

    • John Rummel  says:

      Christa, MAS doesn’t hold events specifically tailored for middle school age kids, but our meetings are open and kid friendly. We’ve had a number of middle- and high-school age kids participate over the years and your son would be welcome to join. You should bring him to a meeting if you haven’t already.

      Additionally, the MMSD Planetarium and UW Space Place have regular events that may be of interest to a young astronomer.

  • Maria  says:

    Another way to see the moon’s motion through space is to watch when it closely passes a bright star or planet. Such will be the case this evening, when the moon has a close interaction with the …

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